Thursday, December 8, 2011

Foundation of the Aruna Project

Pastor R in India who is going to be sponsoring the Aruna Project has been praying with his team about this for the last month or so.  At first they were hesitant, but the more they prayed, the more excited they got.

It's hard to say when this all started, this project is built upon the ministries and prayers that were laid in the past.  Last February, God kept nudging our dreams toward a permanent center that ministers to women.  This place will teach income generating crafts, life skills, business management all while teaching and sharing the Gospel.  Named after a nineteen year old widow, Aruna, it truly is a ministry geared toward poverty level women.

A building has been found that could house Pastor R's church and the Aruna Project.  They only need a commitment of $100 a month to hold the lease and they are raising the other half themselves.  A leader has been identified along with teachers in their area.  This is a local (North India) project with behind the scenes support from EKTA.  The nationals have a leader ready to go and even teachers who can start as soon as the project comes together.  

What began as a dream set in our hearts is now becoming a reality.  Please continue to keep this project and the leaders and planning in your prayers.  Also, for the women who will be coming to the Aruna Project center.  Thank you for all your support over the years.  This could not be happening without your partnership.

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