Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thank You!

I have some great news and just wanted to share it with you right away.  The last couple of weeks, donations friends have been slow.  Perfectly understandable with the busyness of Christmas and end of year things.  I was thinking that perhaps the support letter may have got shuffled off into no man's land and some creative financing on my side was needed.

Today, in my mailbox, I received $375 in donations toward the trip!  Praise God who gives generously (through friends).  With only $447 left from the total cost.  God is faithful do supply the needs of what He is doing in India.

On the chance that more support is raised than needed (going out on faith with that thought!) then I hope to be able to sponsor one of the first sewing machines for the Aruna Project.  A sewing machine will cost about $125 and they would like to have 15 to start with.  How great would it be to partner in that way from the very beginning.  

Thank you dear friends for partnering with this project and ministry.  We are doing this together!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Partnering with the Aruna Project

Good news!  The Rotary Club near EKTA's office has agreed to help fund the Aruna Project for the long term.  Partnered with my home church and other givers, the funding is starting to come together.  Keep praying for this ministry!  For the rest of the funding, the planning stages, the Indian leaders and our team in February, we all need wisdom.  And most of all - for the women who will be attending.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Foundation of the Aruna Project

Pastor R in India who is going to be sponsoring the Aruna Project has been praying with his team about this for the last month or so.  At first they were hesitant, but the more they prayed, the more excited they got.

It's hard to say when this all started, this project is built upon the ministries and prayers that were laid in the past.  Last February, God kept nudging our dreams toward a permanent center that ministers to women.  This place will teach income generating crafts, life skills, business management all while teaching and sharing the Gospel.  Named after a nineteen year old widow, Aruna, it truly is a ministry geared toward poverty level women.

A building has been found that could house Pastor R's church and the Aruna Project.  They only need a commitment of $100 a month to hold the lease and they are raising the other half themselves.  A leader has been identified along with teachers in their area.  This is a local (North India) project with behind the scenes support from EKTA.  The nationals have a leader ready to go and even teachers who can start as soon as the project comes together.  

What began as a dream set in our hearts is now becoming a reality.  Please continue to keep this project and the leaders and planning in your prayers.  Also, for the women who will be coming to the Aruna Project center.  Thank you for all your support over the years.  This could not be happening without your partnership.

India 2012

Dear Friends,

To you who have invested in my involvement with women in India; whether you have prayed or given supplies or money, your investment, plus the investment of others has multiplied.  Thank you for partnering with me and EKTA India Missions!   This coming February, 2012, will be my third visit to India as we continue to develop the ministries that were planted.
You have probably heard me tell before, how teaching handcrafts to women opens the door to the Gospel.  By working alongside local churches, we work together to reach women for Christ in a non-threatening way.  I was first a part of this ministry in 2009 and the group of women that came are still meeting monthly.  The crafting was merely a vessel to carry the Gospel.  
Last February, we visited Herbertpur in north India where two women’s groups were started.  We will return there this coming February to not only teach crafts and share the Gospel, but also to more fully develop women’s ministry, the Aruna Project.  What I have been looking forward to sharing with you is this project in the Dehradun/Herbertpur area.  
God put this vision in our hearts.  We are partnering with our partner Pastor Rajeev and his church, Ebenezer House of Prayer and other leaders in the community, who are involved in the development.  We are not ministering TO or AT the people, but WITH them.  Who better to know their needs and cultural nuances but the nationals?  In this way, the ministry is more culturally compatible and has stronger ownership in the community.
The Aruna Project will be a place that provides training for income generating crafts and skills while teaching women about the Gospel.  We will start with teaching tailoring skills on treadle machines and will include worship time, Bible teaching and of course, tea breaks.  Love that chai!  
Our journey to India this February 2012 will be more than a regular mission trip, it is also a vision trip.  We will have a crafting program for women as we’ve done in the past.  But we will also be spending some time in discussion and prayer with our India partners as we go forward with the Aruna Project.  
When I first went to India in 2009, I went because I could teach knitting.  When I went in in 2011, it was to teach foundation pieced quilting but also to develop a women’s group.  And when I go in 2012, it is to develop a Women’s Ministry Center and oh yeah, teach crafting too!  It’s not about the knititng or sewing, it’s all about following where God is leading.  
So many exciting things have been developing since last February, and many times I wanted to share them with you.  I believe that my partnership in India is long term (God willing) and I will update you on what’s happening in India regularly by email.  
I do appreciate your prayers.  Our partners in India and we have committed to fasting prayer as we seek God for guidance on this project.  I have also committed to fasting and to prayer as I seek God’s leading.  Would you be willing to pray for this ministry too?  
I hope that you will partner again with me.  You are as important a part of this ministry as anyone else.  Our roles are just different - some to pray, some to support, some to go.  A beautiful way of doing ministry - together while using our own gifts and abilities.
If someone had told me in 2009 what I would be going to do in India in 2012, I probably would have been too afraid to go!  Thank God that he only shows us a little at a time what he wants us to do.  That has been my prayer this year, that God would go before us and that we would always follow where he leads.  May it be so.

Thank you,